Kama Sutra

I don’t wanna hear

What’s if’s, why not’s, and what not

I just wanna know

Where you were, and with whom

You were with

At four fifty six

In the morning

Last night I called it

Hell, it’s beyond me

Diabolic, It’s melancholic

I’m an alcoholic, I’ve failed…

Failed to feel important

It’s retarded, it’s rhetorical

what was it like? before this

was it all shattered and splattered

after the avalanche of the aftermath?

Oh all those shoulda coulda woulda’s

Wouldn’t you wanna just

Suture up our futures?

Once in a blue

Moon – some wounds

Reveal cruel

Truths – that are actually

Super humorous

I’ve only got one question for ya

How did you feel?

You said…

Like a naughty mommy

I like salami and pastrami meat

A tsunami of sexy

Sexy origami dreams

Like lava in Nagasaki

Like a drama queen

I wanna be belladonna

I wanna be Donna Tella

I’m gonna wanna be…

wannabe, just be somebody

Bahama mammas and marijuana

and I see myself

in Madonna’s pajamas

Like Muhammad Ali

Doing tai chi and karate

Like the Dali Lama

Doing yada yada yada

Like a comma, comma

Comma, kamikaze

Okay then sensei, I said

Calm down already…

That karma suits ya

Like the Kama sutra

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